RYLA/Young RYLA Senior Counselor (SC) Application


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Rotary Abuse/Harassment Release – for EVERY COUNSELOR!


The Abuse/Harassment background check is required for ALL SC’s and JC’s after January 1 of every year you serve as a counselor (yes, Rotary Policy states that we must run the checks afresh each year). After January 1, we'll be in touch with you regarding this.



For New SC Applicants – Introduction


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the RYLA team! This past year’s RYLA was a great success and we are looking for people who are willing and able to carry on this tradition of excellence. More important, RYLA needs people who are ready to facilitate the “RYLA magic” for another year of young adults.

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The SC Approval process begins with the completion of this application. You must:

·      Be a Rotarian in good standing.

·      Complete the Web-based application.

·      Give your approval for a background check (above).

·      Attend the training session (dates to be announced).


The two major needs for Senior Counselors are to enable young adults to continue their leadership development and to ensure the fulfillment of the goals for the RYLA conferees and Young RYLA campers. To this end, RYLA and YRYLA will each hold a mandatory Counselor Training session (dates to be announced), located at the Boys & Girls club in Fort Collins CO. You must attend this training in order to be an SC at RYLA or YRYLA.


We conduct these two RYLA events:

§       The RYLA conference at the YMCA Camp in Estes Park in the middle of July.

§       Young RYLA camp in late July in Larkspur, CO for applicants who have just finished seventh grade.


If you wish to be considered for either RYLA or YRYLA, or if you wish apply to only one of the two, please mention that in your application.


Thank you, and we appreciate your interest and involvement in RYLA!



Web-based SC Application


This is needed only if you are a new applicant and have not previously served as a Senior Counselor at Rocky Mountain RYLA!


To apply for the position of Senior Counselor, please carefully complete the web application. If your picture doesn’t already appear in your application, you’ll see how to upload a photo of yourself so we can put a face to each application (jpg preferred, with maximum size 100K).


Note that the system saves everything you write as soon as you click “Next” to go to another page. You can come back here and walk through your application again and again until you’re satisfied with it. You can even stop in the middle and come back another day to finish! The final page (summary) shows your application exactly as the RYLA chairs will see it, so feel free to continue adjusting your application until you’re satisfied. Please use the green Next and Previous links on the application pages to move back and forth – NOT your browser’s back button!


Two important items:

  • The web pages are designed for RYLA and Young RYLA applicants, so you may notice a few things that don’t apply to you (such as names of parents). Read the instructions at the top of each web page – they explain how to handle those.
  • Please be sure to follow the instructions on the summary page at the end!


Questions or concerns? Contact registrar@rmRYLA.org.


If you have your password (generally your birthdate, but can be any other date known to you), click the link below to log in and update your existing information. Send an e-mail to registrar@rmRYLA.org if you aren’t sure or don’t know your password. Also, be sure to review the instructions to the right of “Login Name” and “Password” and ensure that your name and birth date are formatted exactly as requested.


              If you are already in the RYLA system or previously started your application, click here



This is for those who are completely new to RYLA. Use the link below to enter your information into the RYLA system:


              Rotarians new to RYLA click here


Thank you!