Rocky Mountain RYLA Board Member Application


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Board Members

Members of the board serve a 3 year term with the possibility of an additional 3 years. We are looking for Rotarians that have a passion for supporting youth in leadership. This would include:

·      Commitment to attend the 4 regular board meetings during the year

·      Commitment to be on a committee to put into action RMRYLA’s 5 year action plan

·      Either be a senior counselor at /or visit either YRYLA or RYLA

·      Be a constant advocate for RMRYLA

·      Bring wisdom and a thirst for learning about youth and leadership

·      Committed to the proposition that RMRYLA is about youth leading youth

·      Commitment to excellence and understanding of the curriculum of the programs at both conferences

·      A commitment to all youth that attend our conferences



Rotary Abuse/Harassment Release – for EVERY Rotarian in RYLA!


Click here for details about the required form (to be completed after January 1).



Web-based Application


To apply for the position of a RYLA Board Member, please carefully complete the web application. If your picture doesn’t already appear in your application, you’ll see how to upload a photo of yourself so we can put a face to each application (jpg preferred, with maximum size 100K).


Note that the system saves everything you write as soon as you click “Next” to go to another page. You can come back here and walk through your application again and again until you’re satisfied with it. You can even stop in the middle and come back another day to finish! The final page (summary) shows your application exactly as the RYLA committee will see it, so feel free to continue adjusting your application until you’re satisfied. Please use the green Next and Previous links on the application pages to move back and forth – NOT your browser’s back button!


Two important items:


Questions or concerns? Contact


If you have your password (generally your birthdate, but can be any other date known to you), click the link below to log in and update your existing information. Send an e-mail to if you aren’t sure or don’t know your password. Also, be sure to review the instructions to the right of “Login Name” and “Password” and ensure that your name and birth date are formatted exactly as requested.


              If you are already in the RYLA system or previously started your application, click here



This is for those who are completely new to RYLA. Use the link below to enter your information into the RYLA system:


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