RYLA Plus!

RYLA Plus is an amazing program originated by Denver Southeast Rotary club as part of a signature project with Easter Seals Colorado, to provide the RYLA experience for physically challenged teens. The goal, after the 3-year pilot, was to be incorporated as part of Rocky Mountain RYLA, which happened on Dec. 12, 2015.


The program leverages many RYLA activities, adapts others for the population we serve, and has some speakers who are different but speak well to the campers we serve (Paralympians, successful leaders despite their disabilities, etc). Since camp is at Rocky Mountain Village in Empire, CO (Easter Seals), we have fully ADA-compliant facilities as well. Note that RYLA Plus camp is designed for physically disabled teens, not developmentally disabled ones. It is amazing to see the RYLA magic happen for these teens, just like our other RYLA programs!

RYLA Plus Video

RYLA Plus Camper Application

To sponsor one of these great young people, please contact the RYLA Plus founder and current chair, Karen Loeb:




Questions and Answers


Who is eligible?

We look for high school students; we're more lenient on this than the other RYLA programs. We are looking for those teens who have physical disabilities, not cognitive ones. If your club has trouble finding such a candidate, we are actively working to find those who meet our criteria. All "selected" campers will be also be screened by Easter Seals Colorado to ensure we can accommodate any disabilities. 



First of all, the cost is a bit more then RYLA and Young RYLA ($650/camper). That is because we have additional trained personnel from Easter Seals who help us during camp with personal care needs, administration of meds when needed, etc. Even so, the real costs when you add in supplies, t-shirts and so on is more than the $650. Easter Seals matches our cost so camp is still free to campers, like RYLA and YRYLA.



RYLA Plus is limited to a max of 20 campers so we don't outgrow the modern, ADA-compliant facilities we use (elevators, accessible bathrooms, etc.). We run just like regular RYLA with speakers and activities and fun events.



Rotarians please contact Karen Loeb to ask about serving at this wonderful camp.
Experienced RYLA Junior Counselors are always in demand! Please contact Karen Loeb.


Other questions?

Contact Karen Loeb at RYLA.Plus@gmail.com!